Hi everyone, we are still playing some Rune from time to time on our own private server and enjoying our time in peace. There might be some news coming up soon.

We have also played our first clanwar since a very long time vs CiD, check out the results right here. GGs

26-09-2016 /neelix


Sadly all good things must come to an end. ER has dedicated almost 6 years into hosting servers, hosting tournaments and trying to keep the small Rune community alive. We have met many great people and it was fun while it lasted.

Due to recent changes in the community I will stop hosting any ER servers and we will stop playing Rune as a clan. Currently there are still fake ER-servers being hosted by a particular guy, these are not our servers and it's not me playing on that server. These servers are mainly there to mislead you and corrupt your game. I take distance from behaviour like that, I don't want to have anything to do with that. Apparently some individual still finds it necessary after 16 years of Rune to act in such a childish manner, we have decided that it's not worth any of our time and investment anymore. People going through that much time and dedication is pointless to fight against. Been there, done that.

We'd like to thank everyone that played on our servers and had a positive influance on us, maybe we'll meet each other again another day. In particular I'd like to thank Zaphirs, 3rub, vOp, DV and Rebel clan for many great games and wars. Even you, filthy Hobbits ;)

24-05-2016 /neelix and ER friends

ER Tournament 2015

After 2 years without a tournament we have decided to host a new 2v2 tournament. If you are interested in participating then please sign up your team by contacting me or any other ER-member.

If you want to learn more about this tournament you can find all the information you need at our event website:

01-11-2015 /neelix


Hi everyone, yesterday we recruited a new member from Greece: Procrastinator. He's an oldschool player that played mostly 1.0, but is very active nowadays on HoV. I hope you enjoy your stay!

08-09-2015 /neelix


We have recruited a new member from Germany earlier this month, welcome Undertaker!

I have also added some personal member information right here, this will be updated once more people fill it in.

05-06-2015 /neelix

2015 NEWS

Hello everyone, first off we'd like to wish everyone a happy new year! Last month we have recruited a new member from Hungary: Gibbon, welcome!
He has been part of SoH in the past and I think most active runeplayers know him by now.

We have also won a clanwar against REC yesterday, you can check out the results right here. GG's. Good job Zyro.

21-01-2015 /neelix


We have just won a clanwar against 3_Rub, check out the results right here. Good game guys!

07-12-2014 /neelix


After a long time we have decided to recruit Muerte, thanks for your patience and welcome! He's from Germany has been part of SoH in the past.
We have also won a new clanwar against vOp, find the results right here.

28-07-2014 /neelix


We have now recruited Wunjo as full member to our clan. He has been part of SOLO, UMT and most recently REC back in the days. Welcome Wunjo!
Yesterday we also won a 6on6 clanwar versus Zaphirs, it was one massive game. Check out the results right here.

07-04-2014 /neelix


It has been a while and there have been some changes. I've changed the website a little since the last update, looks a bit better now.
We've also recruited Mero and Killer-Instinct in the meantime as full members, welcome guys! You'll also find new clanwar-results in the clanwar section

03-03-2014 /neelix


Floyd has decided to leave our clan and try his luck somewhere else. We wish him luck in finding another suitable clan.
We have decided to recruit a new member as well: Er.Galrath*. He's well known by 1.0 players and he has played for wtn, ioe, soc and crew as well.
There is also a new Youtube channel with some videos of our latest clanwar. Check them out right here.

21-04-2013 /neelix


We have now won a 4on4 clanwar versus Zaphirs. Check out the results right here.
I'll also upload videos of the war on a youtube page in a few days.

27-01-2013 /neelix


Harslock has joined our clan, thanks for waiting and welcome.

Onaga has also made a new arenamap for us, you can find the map at our downloads-section. Visit his website over here.

23-01-2013 /neelix

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